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Have a wild patch that won’t fruit?  

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The Ultimate Paw Paw Master Class

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Learn from a Permaculture Expert:

Meet Doug Crouch of TreeYo Permaculture

Nearly 20 Years Experience Cultivating and Managing Paw Paws

Working his family's 3rd generation land, Doug has learned by doing; propagating and managing hundreds of Paw Paw trees with success over the course of nearly two decades.

International Permaculture Teacher

With +10 Years of Applied Teaching Experience, Doug has extensive experience and knowledge surrounding landscape planning and food production systems. He has now lead 30+ Permaculture Design Certifications as lead teacher.

University Professor

Trained as both a Permaculture Designer and Fish and Wildlife Manager, Doug is currently a Professor at University of Cincinnati (Former Professor at Maharishi College of Management)

5 Tips For Paw Paw Success

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Why Grow PawPaws?

Not Commercially Available

A rare and valuable treat, Paw Paws can only be found in the wild or in your back yard!

Consistent Prolific Yields

With the right plan and management you can have buckets of fruit within a few years.!

Deer Resistant

It wields natural aromatic defenses that deer can't stand making paw paw one of the few edible plants that don't require fencing for protection!

Plus, they're delicious!

Ranging in flavor from mango to banana.

In this course you will learn:

Paw Paw Propagation and Planting

Turn a hand full of seeds into a forest.

Doug will start you with the foundations, so that you understand not just what to do for success but why. Become fully equipped with expert knowledge and have the best shot at paw paw propagation through systematic seed saving and planting success. Learning to work with what genetics you have will allow you to become a plant breeder, an age old tradition and noble cause.

Doug Crouch

Planning, Pollination, and Management

Learn techniques to leapfrog your tree’s growth cycle.

The difference between a small PawPaw grove and a prolific orchard is proper planning, techniques, and management. Learn advanced strategies for leapfroging your tree’s growth cycle while improving soil fertility and fruit production.

Picking and Processing for Food and Storage

Learn to add value to your fruit with some simple techniques.

Although quite seasonal, there are immediate usage recipes and storage capabilities.  By getting bananas out of our diets for months on end in the temperate climates, we will reduce our carbon footprint as they come great distances to those who live in climates where paw paw is grown easily.  

Paw Paw design food forest

Design Strategies for Various Contexts

Techniques for leveraging the resources around you for success.

Advanced course content that guides you through the longer term management of a number of different scenarios- a must for reaching peak PawPaw production.

Advanced Strategy, Tools, Recipes, and More!

Get on your way to becoming a PawPaw Master-

This holistic offering of eight different sections overall gives you the full run through of paw paws.  This plant is in high demand and its fruits.  You can be the next to create a new grafted variety, the next best recipe, or lead people on tours through your paw paw paradise just as Doug Crouch does.  

Doing Paw Paws Wrong Is Expensive

For $39 today you can make sure you get it right.

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Why I Made This Course-
A Message from Doug Crouch:

From TreeYo EDU a site that's produced +140 free permaculture articles

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More About The Powerful and Prolific Paw Paw:

Asimina triloba is an ancient fruit that originally evolved for a much warmer climate. Tagging along in the stomachs of ancient megafauna it found its way to North America and is now the sole member of the custard apple family to reach this far North! 

If you’ve never tased a fresh Paw Paw, it’s safe to say you’ve experienced nothing like it. Full of vitamin C, magnesium, iron, copper, and manganese, these powerful and delectable fruits have the texture of pudding and an aroma ranging from mango and banana to avocado, peach, cherimoya, and guanabana.

That’s right! Asimina triloba Is a versatile and hardy plant that thrives in cooler conditions, despite having very tropical aspects. All the while it is being grown in similar climates like Central and Eastern Europe and parts of temperate Asia. 

Not all wild Paw Paw patches are productive, but with the right management and pollination strategy, you will be collecting bucket loads of fruit with minimal labor year after year!

Did we mention they're delicious?

Ice Cream


Fruit Leather




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Learn to Master this Unique Plant that provides food for humans and wildlife

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