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Both blog and book, this “Blook” takes inspiration from the 14 original chapters of Bill Mollison’s Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual. The TreeYo PC Design Course Handbook expands on that text and frames new chapters including Food Fermentation, Natural Building, Animal Systems (emphasizing Holistic Management), and Appropriate Technology. This resource aims to leverage and enhance permaculture’s increasing relevance in the 21st-century, meeting both challenges and opportunities.

How To Use TreeYo’s Permaculture Design Course Handbook:

This website was designed to be used as a mixed media resource, complimenting any course, training, or self-studies. If this is your first time exploring permaculture, we strongly recommend starting with the first chapters for context on the world view, ethics, principles, patterns, and problems being addressed by permaculture. More experienced students may jump directly to topics of interest or search using the search icon on the top right.

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About The Author

This site was founded by Doug Crouch, an internationally recognized permaculture teacher with extensive hands-on experience within a vast array of contexts and systems. His teaching ranges anywhere from the Mediterranean of Iberia, the dry tropics of India, the altiplano of Argentina, the temperate forests of Slovakia and Kentucky, and much more. This diversity is expressed in the resource allowing you to learn from his global path and extensive experience.

As director and content curator at TreeYo, Doug resides primarily in Petersburg, Kentucky, USA, where he stewards his family’s third generation land with active forest enhancement techniques. For more on Doug visit his bio page, or watch the video below.

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