Animal Systems Chapter

New Article: Fodder Crops for Animals

Fodder Crops for Animals, bringing animals into the systems requires a reduction of industrial feed inputs all the while pumping outputs within the system for animals to feed from. A long tradition, a creative complexity, and a boon to the animals. #permaculture #holistic management #regenerative farming Fodder Crops for Animals

App Tech Cooking: New Article

Billions of people don’t have the luxury of turning a nob to cook and our luxury to do so is quite taxing on the environment.  Our daily nourishments and cravings require quite an energy input for cooking. Remember that as you read please! My latest article on TreeYo EDU from the app tech chapter.

Are you a microherder?

A diverse and complete soil food web where soils are well structured and fertile through an increasing organic mater percentage is the goal of modern-day regenerative agriculture, organic gardening and Permaculture design systems.

Diversity: Can you embrace it?

Universal law: nature works with diversity to produce functional interconnections to facilitate flows of energy. Shall we not embrace natures teachings to lead us in these times? How can we form guilds in community?