The Permaculture Observer

August, 2019 - 1st Edition

Illuminating The Patterns

Inside A 1/2 Acre KY Homestead Built On The Cheap

A Permaculture Site Tour with Daniel Bedinbender

Submit your burning questions to Doug, an internationally renowned permaculture educator, for his monthly Ask Me Anything (AMA) Video, available only to supporters. Rather than sitting behind a keyboard, Doug records his AMAs in the field, using real-life examples to enhance the conversation.

Monthly Permaculture Site Tours

Get your monthly inspiration with a guided hands-on tour of some of our favorite permaculture sites around the world. Tours are typically lead by Doug and often feature past students and projects giving a more complete context of the permaculture transformation.

“Permaculture Observer” Monthly Digital Publication

Observation is the daily practice that permaculturists engage in to hone skills of regeneration. It is the observer who can make changes to work with nature and produce abundant results.  This periodical is geared towards exactly this, giving you the skills to observe sites and develop this daily practice.