Where We Illuminate Patterns

This podcast takes patterns in society and examines them not only through an environmental context, but rather expands on the social and financial implications creating a holistic perspective.  It is this holistic worldview we wish to impart, utilizing material knowledge and leveraging the pattern recognition to complete the story. Once we know the background then we can go forward with a new pattern thus forming a Permaculture Future.  

Episode #1
The Lawn and its staggering role in Land Use

Episode #2
Climate Change and its Awful Syntax

Episode #3

This vast agricultural sector is a depleting force beyond comprehension yet could be the space where vast quantities of food are produced and habitat secured.  Know this land use pattern so that planners and developers can go forward with a holistic approach.  

When we realize the language used and the obvious reason for ignorance around the debate, we might just point the fingers back at ourselves for playing a narrative that is illogical.  Yes we need to act now to create a more stable and resilient climate for the future.  

Your Host: Doug Crouch

Trained as both a Permaculture Designer and Fish and Wildlife Manager, Doug has extensive knowledge surrounding landscape planning and food production systems. This regenerative design and implementation work spans the globe ranging in contexts and climates including tropical agro-forestry, Mediterranean organic gardening, and temperate suburban edible landscaping. To facilitate this work he founded TreeYo Permaculture thus building off his other formal training in small business management. Incorporating this knowledge and experience into sustainability educational programming has now become Doug’s main focus as he continues his ecological design and holistic development at his families third generation land in Northern Kentucky, USA.