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New Eppisodes of the “Permaculture Futures” Podcast

Observation is the daily practice that permaculturists engage in to hone skills of regeneration. It is the observer who can make changes to work with nature and produce abundant results.  This monthly podcast is geared towards exactly this, giving you the skills and awareness to observe sites and develop this daily practice.

Excerpts from the podcasts may be released publicly, but only subscribing members will receive access to the full-length recordings. 

Permaculture Site Tour Videos

Get your monthly inspiration with a guided hands-on tour of some of our favorite permaculture sites around the world. Tours are typically lead by Doug and often feature past students and projects giving a more complete context of the permaculture transformation.

Advanced How-To Video Blogs

Get you monthly dose of advanced permaculture knowledge with monthly tutorials from Doug, exploring topics often missing from a typical PDC. Members are also given the opportuntiy to suggest new topics for the coming month’s content.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) Videos and Blog Posts with TreeYo Founder Doug Crouch

Submit your burning questions to Doug, an internationally renowned permaculture educator, for his monthly Ask Me Anything (AMA) Video, available only to supporters. Rather than sitting behind a keyboard, Doug will record his future AMAs in the field, using real-life examples to enhance the conversation.

Full Access to TreeYo’s Advanced Articles and New Releases

With our completion of the basic Permaculture Design Course Handbook in 2019, all future TreeYo content will reserved for members only. New material will be oriented towards advanced permaculture subjects and topics on the periphery of traditional permaculture, such as natural building, renewable energy technology, and invisible systems.

We started TreeYo Edu to provide high quality permaculture education to the world.

Ten years later, we’ve now grown to grown into one of the internet’s most comprehensive and used resources on permaculture, but to keep providing, improving, and expanding on this valuable resource, we need your support. Permaculture has never had more relevance and necessity than today. Despite increasing environmental and civil disruption, a real conversation on environmental literacy has yet to break into the mainstream. At TreeYo, we aim to bring permaculture to a new generation with engaging media that shines a new light the potential of permaculture in the 21st century.

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